Is Online Banking Really Safe?

In this article I am going to explain what internet banking is, how internet banking can make your life easier and more comfortable, how to use net banking and what things you should remember while using internet banking to make your online activities more secure and safe from hackers and internet threats.

Internet banking is facility provided by your bank company. This is website based service, you can register for net banking account by applying from your local bank branch. After login to your online internet banking account you can do many tasks like…

1. Send money to your friends and family online without need to visit bank.

2. Pay your electricity bills, telephone bills, insurance premium from your bank account online.

3. Recharge your prepaid mobile and DTH services account.

4. Load money to your debit or credit card.

5. Shop online from many online shopping center that supports payment through net banking.

You might not get all of the above services with your bank, it defers with the different banks. But just imagine, if you can do (most people really need it in their routine life) all this work at home without visiting office and wasting your time for standing in queue, You can spend that saved time with your friends and family, it also saves transport cost to visit the office.

But most common users are not availing this facility with their bank account and most because of the fear of safety. Hence, I have discussed here many tips that can teach you the way to use your online account and make your online transactions safe from hackers.

1. Always use strong login password and transaction password. Don’t ever do mistake to keep both login and transaction passwords same. Do not disclose your password to any one, don’t write it anywhere just remember it yourself and keep changing it after few weeks.

2. Keep your PC / Laptop virus free and protected with Internet security suite including firewall. Because if your pc is infected with viruses like ‘Trojan horse’, they might still your keyboard information and hence your username and passwords of internet banking.

3. Do not click on ‘remember with this computer’ link below login box and do not save your username passwords in your internet browser. Use onscreen ‘virtual keyboard’ if provided on login form by your banking site.

4. Do not access your internet banking from public place like cyber cafe, and not even from your friend’s or office PC.

5. If you get an email asking you to click on link and visit bank site, don’t forget to look at address bar and check for the correct url. For example, if you are ICICI bank account holder and receive email saying ‘to transfer your account in new most secure system, please click here’, you may be redirected to fraud site which looks and behave exactly like your bank site but meant only to steal your passwords. So if it’s not url in address bar, ignore the site and don’t disclose your password.

6. In online shopping, when you checkout for the payment, you will be redirected to your bank site for payment transaction. Here also, don’t forget to check for the address bar URL.